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Stories are coming my way this summer, stories from people who have totally unplugged for up to two weeks…..”I went overseas and didn’t set my phone up for overseas calls.” “I went somewhere where there is no cell service.”  “I left an in-charge and asked her to escalate to my boss, if necessary.”
Even more compelling is what happened next:

  • I was able to just be in the world and enjoy my family
  • It was so deeply relaxing to let everything go except figuring out dinner
  • I really needed to step away because the stress was building
  • I finally had a chance to reconnect with myself
  • I can’t believe I am still relaxed several weeks later but I think it was because of the technology break

So I am taking some coaching from this and for the first time putting up an away message for two weeks, and heading out to the beach….. 

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