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Just wanted to let you know that... finally...  BEING COACHED: Group and Team Coaching from the Inside….has left the starting gate, and is available on Amazon.
I had a vision three years ago of a book that would tell the stories of leaders being coached in a group.  For several years, I created characters and wrote a few chapters during summer vacation, but the rest of the year, it was hard to find time to write.  The book was slowly going nowhere, as my wise coach subtly pointed out when she murmured, “if you write the book” at the end of one of our calls [emphasis mine].  That offhand remark pushed me into action, and I approached Ann Deaton, the book’s co-author, to join me.  She loved the BEING COACHED premise.  Ann coaches as many leaders as I do in group and team programs so we are a great fit as co-authors.
Pretty soon, persistence and teamwork joined vision and now our book is a reality.
I hope you will enjoy reading it, if you choose to, and I appreciate how much support many of you have given me over the past few years.

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