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Are you rewarding leaders for the right behavior?

A new study published late last year suggests a different way to look at leadership.

The study measured productivity in technology-based service jobs by looking at what the best supervisors do and how that impacts results.  The study found that those leaders who focus on teaching and coaching their teams get the results of ten associates from a team of only nine.  Spread throughout a people center, this has a big impact on the bottom line.

Some questions for you to think about during performance management reviews:

  • Do you reward leaders who spend time coaching, developing, and teaching? (Or is it easier to notice and reward "heroes" who are focused on special projects and driving their own results?)
  • Does everyone you reward look like this:  smart, driven, single-minded, intent on what can be personally achieved?
  • How do you support leaders to become better coaches of others?

Final question:  How do we develop leaders who are heroes AND coaches?


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