banner for web  I would like for you to read BEING COACHED: Group and Team Coaching from the Inside.  On June 14-15, please take advantage of a free Kindle download, and share this offer with your network.

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BEING COACHED debut at the ASTD International Conference & Expo, May 5-7, Booth 923

Being Coached Booth 923

ASTD Day 2


MAGUS just hired Bethany Kelly of Courageous Creatives to help publish upcoming book: "Being Coached: What Groups and Teams Know."  


Congratulations to Ann V. Deaton and Holly Williams on the publication of Being Coached:  Group and Team Coaching from the Inside.  Learn more at or go directly to Amazon.

Here's a snippet from the back cover:  Have you ever been coached? In a group or in a team? If you could observe a group coaching session, would you get the full picture? Being Coached is not a how-to manual, nor is it narrowly focused on the role of the coach. In fact, the coach’s touch is light. Breakthroughs occur when leaders are in the middle of leading, engaging in peer coaching, or even in quiet reflection. Written from the multiple viewpoints of eight leaders in a group coaching program and six executives on a leadership team, Being Coached illustrates how creating a learning community promotes growth by making space for vulnerability and risk-taking. Simply put, it answers the question, “What is being coached like?”

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