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LtoR: MAGUS Group Coaching's Lori Ermi and Holly Williams meet with TeAMers Walter Ferrer and Kathryn Thomas.

In business circles, perception of leadership seminars long ago crossed the line from useful learning tool to shag-carpeted Holiday Inn conference room cliché, motivational PowerPoint and upbeat soundtrack not optional.

Yet as MAGUS Group Coaching's Holly Williams surveys the landscape of leadership, one theme appears time and time again, in conflict with the out-of-the-ballroom-A, paint-by-dictum box.

True leadership ability, Williams says, is not like giveaway baseball hats. One size never fits all.

"What I love so much is that everybody is a different kind of leader, because they're a different human being," Williams explains. "Every person has the opportunity to find their own unique voice, and be compelling as a leader.

Nowhere may that be more vital than at TeAM, where personalized solutions and responsive service are the lingua franca of the business.

"As a professional services company, we can't build a faster car or a better light bulb," CEO Charles G. Davis says. "What we can do is be better leaders for our clients, to improve the transfer of knowledge, help our clients hit their goals, and, if we're doing our jobs correctly, help them discover new goals.

"Make no mistake. TeAM isn't just in the consulting business. We're in the employee development business. We're in the leadership business."

So, with Williams' help, leadership is getting personal at TeAM.

Williams, the president and founder of MAGUS Group Coaching, and her cadre of leadership instructors, are bringing their expertise to TeAM in an innovative six-month coaching regimen. Initially, the program includes 10 participants from TeAM's Fairview Park offices, but is expected to reach across the D.C. and San Antonio regions.

Williams' methodology is no set of poster-ready acronyms or axioms from the outtakes of Winston Churchill. Her goals, rather, are each individual employee's goals. Through a series of one-on-one coaching sessions, as well as group coaching and independent study, Williams identifies the needs of each participant and helps develop needed leadership, interpersonal and communication skills in a highly tailored system.

"In many leadership seminars, binders are put together and handed to you, you sit down and someone runs down talking points," Williams says. "For a day or two, it might be totally immersive, but you return to work and nothing has changed. Our approach is to look specifically at what areas an individual needs to work on and develop a curriculum around those needs with very specific goals in mind."

"It's already made an impact," says Kathryn Thomas, an analyst on TeAM's MCiS contract. "We're able to work through some of the challenges on the job and learn new methods and behaviors to be better leaders and better coworkers."

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